About me

P. Kim Bui is a digital journalist who has focused her career on leading breaking news initiatives and working on new storytelling forms for digital, print and broadcast companies catering to local, national and global audiences. She was most recently editor-at-large for NowThis News, focusing on original, social reporting and breaking news. Prior to NowThis, she was deputy managing editor for reported.ly, a digital media startup specializing in social journalism. She’s been a speaker, trainer and teacher on digital and social journalism at universities, conferences and gatherings worldwide. She writes a syndicated newsletter for emerging leaders and managers, The Middles.

Strategy and research

I love ideas. 

Need help with your social media strategy? Want to revamp how your company or team approaches storytelling?

I've researched and presented ideas, concrete and ephemeral, for all sorts of organizations. 


What are you curious about?

Innovation and culture

I want to build a better system for journalism.

One that pays fairly, represents the community and tells stories that people care about.

I have game plans, theories and dreams for how newsrooms should operate and how stories could be told with the aid of technology.


Let's dream up something great. 

Speaking and training

I've trained small and large newsrooms and organizations in the following:

  • social media storytelling
  • vicarious trauma and mental resilience
  • alternate storyforms

I'm open to ideas beyond this list, so email me.