The long road to justice for Lesotho’s former miners

Longform piece on effects of a landmark ruling for former miners in Lesotho suffering from tuberculosis and silicosis.

San Bernardino DA’s office defends asking media to stop tweeting

A breaking news story on a social media angle of the Christopher Dorner manhunt in Los Angeles.

As LAFD clamps down on releasing info, it faces more heat

A social media story on Twitter usage at the Los Angeles Fire Department.

More than 40 LAPD officers targeted by Anonymous group

In reporting this story with a colleague, KPCC's web site was dealing with a DDos attack.

In LA, perhaps no love, but a peaceful end to #OccupyLA

A team effort, with reporting on the ground for a first-time social media reporter I trained.

Cupid and the Cubicle

More colleagues become couples as companies relax dating policies

A feature story on dating in the office and local (Kansas City) businesses’ policies on interoffice dating.

Riot engulfs Veishea

Coverage of a campus-changing event and the aftermath at Iowa State University.

Millions go to unused state water

An investigation into where water comes from and who pays for it, well before California’s drought hit the state hard.