A few things I love

I eat about a dozen eggs a week

Quinn Heraty has evaluated contracts and generally been one of the best lawyers you could ask for.

Iowa is and will always be home.

A few friends set this up and it’s one of the most vibrant, clever, thoughtful communities I have the pleasure of being part of.

1Password helps solve my terrible memory

A bag, shoe and jeans brand that works with communities around the world to provide training and support for women.

I hate socks. A lot.

Great doctors, a good app and the best healthcare I’ve had in a long time

My reading habit is extremely enhanced thanks to my Kindle and the Libby app

An email client for Mac and iOS that I’ve used for two years and I’ve had no inclinations to cheat on. Sorts email, and can manage your calendar, too.

Fountain pens make writing so much more joyful Start with the Pilot Metropolitan.

One of the best Twitter clients. Has Emoji replies, GIF search, and generally loads faster than Tweetdeck.

The Online News Association, the professional organization that catapulted my career.

It’s giant, but it has many many buttons and helps with my recurrent tendonitis because it’s much more ergonomic.  

Decisive is one of my favorite books that has immensely helped me make decisions and stick to them.